No Website? Why Business Sellers Need An Online Presence

We all know the importance of an online presence in our digital world, but what many business owners may not consider is what the lack of an online presence can do to the possible future sale of their business.



Why would a lack of an online presence hurt a business sale? Consider the view from the other side.


You are looking for a business to buy, a good investment. You find two nearly identical businesses for sale – similar numbers, similar industries and similar locations. One business has a poorly maintained Facebook page that appears to have been nothing more than an afterthought. The second business has a visually appealing and highly informative website.  


As an investor, which business appears to be more sound? Which one appears to have a more attentive and growth-driven owner? Which business looks like it would be favored by potential new customers?


The answers to these questions are easy. The business with the better (or any) website, right?


You no longer have to be an IT expert to give your business a decent web presence. There are a multitude of web design services like Wix or Squarespace that allow you to use simple templates and drag-and-drop features to make your own website from scratch. There is also the option of hiring a website designer, although this will be more expensive than a do-it-yourself version. Either way, your business will have a web presence that speaks to a level of professionalism that a Facebook page (or no online presence at all) could never do.


Ok, I get that I need a website, but what should I include? A good business website has the name, address, phone number, email and other necessary contact information that is easy to find. You should also include information about the products or services your business offers, your hours of operation, menus or product lists and any other helpful information that you would want your customers to know. How are you different from the competition? How will your services or products help?


By having a visually appealing and highly informative website in place before you list your business for sale you will be giving buyers a great first impression. You will also be telling prospective buyers you are a business owner who is interested in the growth and future of the business you’ve built far better than the perception that you are a business owner who is behind the times.


Are you a business owner who is thinking about selling but don’t have a web presence to speak of? Would you like to know more about what buyers look for in a business? Please feel free to leave any questions or comments here and we would be happy to help.




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