Assignable Contracts

By Guest Contributor Gregory A. May, Esq. –


Is your contract assignable? That is, can you give or “assign” your place in a contract to a third party?


This issue comes up with regard to business sale transactions under two main scenarios. First, there is a question of whether or not the Purchase Agreement itself is assignable, and second, are the Seller’s third-party contracts assignable?


The answer is not always so clear; but in Florida, contract rights can be assigned unless forbidden by the terms of the contract itself, or unless the assignment would violate some rule of public policy or some statute, or the contract rights involve obligations of a personal nature.


Most contracts should have language that will state whether or not the contract is assignable. If they are assignable, you should read on to determine if consent is required.


Buyers often want a contract to be assignable so that they may transfer the property to a new LLC or Corporation that they have yet to establish. Other times, the buyer is acting as an agent for the “real” buyer, who is unwilling to disclose their identity.


With regard to third party contracts, including vendor and supply contracts, the buyer should be careful to check to see if the contract is assignable or if it can be terminated. The last thing a buyer needs is a business with burdensome long-term vendor contracts.


Check with business broker or a business attorney to discuss these issues, and good luck in your new business!


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Finding the Right Business for Your E-2 Investor Visa

By Guest Contributor Sabine Weyergraf –


Are you are a foreign investor who has decided that it is time to invest in a U.S. business and pursue getting an E-2 Visa by purchasing an existing business? If so, there are some important guidelines to help make an appropriate choice.


Of course, it needs to be a business that you, as a foreign investor, can envision yourself successfully operating. If the business can benefit from your prior experience and knowledge, this is even better. There are many ingredients to growing a successful business, including offering a desired product or service, using efficient and effective marketing tools, establishing or expanding on a good reputation and pricing your product or service so that it is competitive.


When deciding on a business that will work, it is important to keep the following guidelines in mind. The business should have at least 3 years of Federal Income Tax Returns available for review. It should be generating a minimum of $100,000 in gross revenues. Ideally, it should be making a profit. If it is not, any loss should be explainable.


There are other important criteria that will help the US Embassy to favorably review a visa application. Look for a business that is somewhat unique in what it offers. The Embassies see the small property management and lawn or pool service companies every day.


The business should have some employees or sub-contractors and definitely have the potential to add more employees. A signed lease for the business premises is important, too, as it provides a targeted area for offering services and allows for more specific marketing details. It is important that the business has proof of existing customers or contracts to show its viability and professional marketing materials to show its ability to acquire new customers.


Businesses that help build the U.S. economy, bring jobs and contracting opportunities to a region and those that can realistically project increasing profits are viewed more favorably by the Embassies and have the most likelihood of receiving a visa extension in the future. These are guidelines that any foreign investor should use in making a decision on the exact business that will work.




Sabine Weyergraf is founding partner and New York licensed attorney practicing solely immigration law with Weyergraf Immigration, PA in Sarasota, Florida.

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VIDEO: How To Prepare And Deliver A Speech

By Guest Contributor Ron Frost –


Here are a few simple tips on preparing and giving speeches. For more in depth training and public speaking skill development, join a local Toastmasters club.


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Ron Frost
Motivational Speaker | Life Coach | Business Coach


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Why Entrepreneurship is Nothing Like Shark Tank

little girl and shark


We all love a good rags to riches story, so shows like Shark Tank that glorify the coming-from-nothing and becoming wildly successful are exceedingly popular with most Americans who grew up hearing all about the “American dream”. While we all fancy ourselves capable of starting from scratch on main street and envy the thought of being our own boss, most who haven’t lived a day in an entrepreneur’s shoes have no real idea of what owning your own business is really like. We definitely don’t get much in the way of reality from popular media, so here it is, for the entrepreneurial-hopeful among you – what the “American dream” is really like.


The vast majority of entrepreneurs have failed – multiple times. To truly succeed in this game you need to have the tenacity to get back up, dust yourself off and try again. If you have that tenacity, then this is the life for you.


Start-ups are extremely risky. You are betting on an unproven model in an unproven location. Less than one in four start-ups make it to their 5th anniversary, so if you want to give business ownership a try (with a bit less risk), buy an existing business instead. Buying existing does not mean guaranteed success, it just means the model, location, operating procedures and staff have been tested. It’s simply a better starting point for the new entrepreneur.


New customers are not going to line up around the block or beat down your door because you tied a banner out front that reads “under new management”. A great entrepreneur is never satisfied with the status quo and is always looking for new ways to grow their business. What if you’re not a marketing guru? Become one. Learn how to take advantage of social media, join networking groups, make your business a part of local community events – the list goes on. Businesses that thrive find new and creative ways to grow, and the best business owners learned what works by trying (and trying again) until something sticks.


The hours are not fun. Business ownership is not going to mean that you only work from 9 to 5, Monday through Friday with four weeks of vacation throughout the year. If that free-time stability is what you want for your life, then stay at your current job. Entrepreneurship means that the buck stops with you and you alone. If something has to be done, if your entire staff comes down with the flu, if it’s peak season and the business will be packed – you have to work. The hours are long, but the trade off is knowing that you are in control of your own life and all of this work doesn’t benefit someone else – it benefits you.


You probably won’t make millions and millions. The Sharks on Shark Tank are like the NFL Hall of Fame-r’s of entrepreneurs, while the vast majority of business owners are like every kid who ever played football and aspired to make it to the “big time”. You can have a very successful and fulfilling life as a business owner without ever becoming a billionaire investor, so the quicker you set your sights on more realistic financial expectations, the better.

If you have the grit and determination to keep trying, to constantly learn new ways to grow and the drive to work the hours your business needs – then perhaps business ownership is for you. Start your search for an existing business by talking to an experienced and knowledgeable business broker about your past experience and what your goals for business ownership would be. They will be able to help match you with business opportunities that will get you where you want to go. And you won’t even have to survive a pitch to the Sharks.


Have you considered buying a business, but you aren’t sure that business ownership is for you? Do you have questions about what types of businesses are currently available? Ask us! Leave a comment or a question here.


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Great News For Entreprenuers: Three Of America’s Fastest Growing Cities – Right Here In Florida

Everyone who’s lived somewhere with miserably cold winters has likely daydreamed of throwing away the snow shovel and moving to sunny Florida. For many, it’s their retirement plan. Get out of the cold, spend your days at the beach or by the pool in the middle of December – who wouldn’t want vacation as regular life?


at the seaside


The great news for those who don’t want to wait until their golden years is Florida is fast becoming a fantastic place for entrepreneurs. Three of the fastest growing cities in the United States are right here in the sunshine state!


The growth in Florida cities means growth for Florida businesses. The population is continually increasing, creating new clientele. New construction is back on track after the economic meltdown and the small business market is booming as businesses owned by baby boomers are sold by those heading into retirement.


Ever considered making the move south? Click here to search for Florida businesses currently on the market, or contact us here to learn more about business opportunities in the area.


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