Bad Advice: The Outrageous Listing Price


You’ve decided to sell your business, so you start asking the people around you what they think it’s worth. Your father-in-law, your CPA and your neighbor will probably give you vastly different numbers – and you’ve also got a rough calculation in your head of how much money it has cost you over the years to build the business into what it is today. Are any of these “valuations” correct? Probably not.


The hard truth of the business market is your business is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it.


Many, many sellers have a hard time with this concept – and unfortunately there are business brokers out there who will tell a potential client anything they want to hear in order to get the listingmeaning their bad advice will cause you to list your small business for an outrageous price that you will never, ever get.


The price you put on your business from day one is very important. A business that is priced correctly will tell buyers you are serious about selling (and that you aren’t totally insane). 


Your business should not be listed for a price that is based on how much money you’ve invested over the years, how much all of the equipment and furnishings cost you when they were new (8 years ago) or how much you think you’re going to need in order to retire with the quality of life you currently have.


Your listing price will contain a lot of moving parts, but primarily it should be based on cash flow, the current value of any assets and what comparable businesses have actually sold for.


There are some occasions where a standardized multiple is used, but every small business is a unique case, and should be priced accordingly.


What should you do? Have a serious conversation with your business broker about where you would like to set the listing price and then listen to what they have to say. If they think you’re way above where you need to be, you should seriously consider their advice before demanding they list for whatever you want. Any good broker is going to walk away from a client who demands an outrageous price. A broker who will bend to your demands (regardless of reality) should be avoided. 



Are you thinking about selling and are curious about what similar businesses have recently sold for? Would you like to know our thoughts on the current state of the market for your industry? Ask us! Please feel free to leave comments or questions and we would be happy to help.




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Looking To Buy? An Essential Business Might Be For You


It’s something that we’ve discussed in these articles many times – the need to base the decision of what business would be right for you not on aesthetics, but on whether or not the business meets your goals for business ownership. Many of us have a picture in our head of what our ideal business would look like, but that doesn’t mean that type of business is going to be a good choice.  


Now that we are all living in the pandemic-led business climate – that picture in your head may need to shift.


Shift to what? An essential business.  


Our current reality has thrown a bright spotlight on those businesses that are essential for everyone – to eat, maintain basic hygiene, get adequate medical care, protect themselves, etc. What does this mean to you if you’re a business buyer? That perhaps a wise choice for business ownership is a business that everyone needs. Delivery services, food and beverage based retail, online shopping and the manufacturing of supplies are all good avenues right now.


The ability to pivot in times like these is often the difference between success and failure. Although you may have had your heart set on a particular type of business, reality might mean you need to shift your business choice based on achieving your business ownership goals – instead of chasing the picture you had in your head.


This doesn’t mean you can’t buy your dream business. It does mean you need to reevaluate why that business was your dream business in the first place.


Were you considering that type of business because it seemed like a fun lifestyle? The perceived lifestyle of a business owner is often drastically different from reality – so ask yourself what about that perceived lifestyle is so appealing? Is it the ability to set your own hours? Is it the ability to work from home? Is it the amount of money you will be able to make? Again, what are you hoping to get out of business ownership? The answer to that question might point you in a direction you hadn’t considered – and the smart buy would be an essential business in that direction that meets your goals.


What if the business I’m considering isn’t currently functioning as an essential business, but could be? As the new owner you can absolutely implement your own ideas that can both help your local community and keep your business in good shape.


Are you looking at buying a cafe? Perhaps you could implement a drive-up system for take-out or hire a temporary delivery driver. Are you looking at a retail store? Stock the items that people currently need and offer curb-side pickup and/or delivery as well. Are you considering a manufacturing business? What does the local economy currently need? Could you divert some of your resources to fulfill that current need? You get the idea.


As a soon-to-be small business owner you need to be thinking about how to keep your new venture in the black in these unprecedented times. Creativity and the willingness to pivot when a sudden shift is needed will likely mean the difference between success and failure in the new normal. The same attributes will also mean a possible reevaluation of your prospective business choices.


Are you considering buying a business but aren’t sure now is the right time? Does the current situation have you thinking an essential business might be right for you? Please feel free to contact us today. We would be happy to help you make the best decision for you. Leave us any questions or comments!




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Child Of An Entrepreneur? How To Follow Your Own Path


If you are the child of an entrepreneur, then you probably grew up in the family business. You might have napped in the back office and done your homework at your parent’s desk. Your chores might have included taking out the trash or washing dishes. Now that you are an adult, your parents might assume that your path in life includes taking over that family business so they can retire.


What if that’s not what you want?


You aren’t alone. Not everyone follows in their parents footsteps, and if you’ve found a separate passion along the way that you want to pursue, you should. The key to a happy life is doing something that you love, and (hopefully) with some discussion your parents will see things the same way.


There’s no way my parents are going to be okay with me doing anything else. Now what?


First of all, have you even asked? Any family with a family business needs to have a discussion about the future of the business and the possible succession to the next generation. If you haven’t had this discussion yet, no time is better than right now.


If you really don’t want to take over the family business, and your parents are counting on just that – there is a solution where both sides win.


Approach your parents with the idea of selling the business and then using some of the proceeds to buy a business that you can be passionate about, thereby preserving the entrepreneurial legacy of the family while at the same time pursuing your own dreams.


By selling their business they can also get a financial return on their investment of time, energy and money while simultaneously helping you on your own journey to business success. If they see that they can potentially both make some money and give you the key to your own happiness – what parent isn’t going to want that?


Start the conversation now, then talk to an experienced and qualified business broker (like us) about what comparable businesses have recently sold for – and what businesses currently on the market might meet with your goals for business ownership.


Are you the child in a family business and want to know what comparable businesses have sold for? Do you have questions about what type of business you could buy? Please feel free to leave comments or questions here and we would be happy to help.




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Covid Disaster Loans, Grants and Ideas

Here is the article to view along with the video:

Small Business? How To Get Financial Relief During The Coronavirus Crisis

Small Business? How To Get Financial Relief During The Coronavirus Crisis


It can be a difficult time to understand the financial aspects involved in being an entrepreneur. We have put together a list of some programs and ideas to hopefully make this a bit easier.


So – if you’re worried about taking care of your employees, worried about more important things…we hope this helps!



#1 Paycheck Protection Program

The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) has $350 billion to support job retention and operating expenses.

 The Paycheck Protection Program creates an emergency loan that can help small businesses retain a full workforce during COVID-19.

Who is Eligible? 

  •  Small businesses with 500 or fewer employees 
  •  501(c)(3) Nonprofits with fewer than 500 employees
  •  Some 501(c)(19) veteran organizations
  •  Businesses with more than 500 employees that meet the SBA standards for their industry
  •  Sole proprietorships
  •  Self-employed individuals
  •  Independent contractors
  • Private non-profit or 501(c) or Veterans organizations

Eligible businesses must have been operational on February 15, 2020.

How Much?

Small businesses may apply for a maximum loan of $10 million with no higher than a 4% interest rate. 

To determine your income in most cases, collect your net income/W2, gather your annual health insurance costs and the amount that you have contributed to retirement.

Loan Forgiveness

SBA will forgive loans if all employees are kept on the payroll for 8 weeks, and 75% of the money is used for payroll while the rest can be used for rent, mortgage interest or utilities. This starts on April 3 and will be available through June 30, 2020.

How to Apply:

You will apply for the Paycheck Protection loan at your local bank.

View the application here 


  • Loan payments are deferred for 6 months
  • 2 year maturity at 1% interest rate



#2 Economic Injury Disaster Loans & Loan Advance 

Economic Injury Disaster Loans are the SBA’s low-interest disaster loans given to small businesses experiencing a substantial economic loss due to a disaster.

Who is Eligible?

The CARES Act expanded eligibility for EIDLs to all small businesses in the U.S. affected by COVID-19.

How Much?

Eligible businesses may qualify for a loan of up to $2 million. 

Emergency Loan Advance

You may also apply for an emergency loan advance of up to $10,000. If your application is accepted, these funds would become available within three days and would not have to be repaid.

How to Apply: 

Businesses may apply for an EIDL and loan advance here

Can you get a Paycheck Protection Loan and an EIDL?

Yes, as long as you are not using them for the same expenses. Talk to your financial advisor about the best option for your business.



#3 Business Tax Changes

In an effort to alleviate the strain on small businesses affected by COVID-19, the CARES Act has made specific changes to taxes and tax policy.



#4 Families First Coronavirus Response Act

The Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) provides assistance to employees affected by COVID-19. 

As a small business, this means new requirements for paid sick leave and paid family and medical leave (FMLA), as well as employer tax credits.

Read more about the FFCRA and what it means for small business here.

**Please contact your CPA about the employer tax credits**



#5 SBA Debt Relief

To help small businesses overcome the challenges of COVID-19, the SBA has implemented a debt relief program.

  •  Principal and interest will be paid for six months on current 7(a) loans
  •  Principal and interest will be paid on new 7(a) loans issued before Sept. 27, 2020



#6 SBA Express Bridge Loans

With an Express Bridge Loan, businesses may access up to $25,000 to ‘bridge the gap’ as you wait for your Economic Injury Disaster Loan application to process. 

  •  You must have an established relationship with an SBA Express Lender to qualify
  •  This loan will be repaid through the EIDL

**Different banks have different rules, so you must call. Some are not accepting new business and only servicing past clients – while there are a few banks who will act so long as you have opened accounts**



#7 The Cares Act

Student Loans

  • No federal student loan payments through September 30, 2020
  • No interest on your federal student loan payments
  • No garnishment of wages, SS and tax refunds for student loan debt collection

**Pausing will still result in you getting monthly payment credit regardless of what your servicer tells you**



#8 The Florida Small Business Emergency Bridge Loan Program

Who is Eligible?

  • Florida Small Businesses

How Much?

Small businesses can apply for up to $50,000 with interest rates at 12%, 1 year term, 1 loan per business and you must apply before May 8th, 2020.

Loan Forgiveness

All bridge loans must be paid in full.

How to Apply:

View the application here.



#9 For Your Employees:

Family Medical Leave Expansion

  • Up to 12 weeks of certain virus-related family medical leave
  • Business must have less than 500 employees
  • Eligible employees are not working because they are caring for a child due to school closures, child care closures or unavailability
  • Must have been employed at least 30 days
  • Unpaid leave for the first 10 days, after 10 days the emergency leave becomes paid leave
  • Employees to be paid to at least 2/3 of their regular rate of pay not to exceed $200 per day or $10,000 total


Emergency Paid Sick Leave Act

  • 2 weeks of paid sick leave
  • Employees not working because of quarantine, symptomatic, caring for an individual quarantined or child due to school closings or child car closings
  • Businesses must have less than 500 employees



Other potential options for securing capital or saving money at the moment:

Bridge Loans:
Businesses with collateral can get a bridge loan even if the business is losing money.

Facebook Grants:


Credit Card Processing:
If you take credit cards at your business we have an option for merchant processing. We have created a partnership with Priority Payments South Florida and created a program that will pass on the credit card fees to the consumer automatically. This has saved businesses everywhere from a few thousand to hundreds of thousands.


Check your insurance policy to see if it includes disruption insurance.


Contact your landlord or property manager if you have not already. They may be willing to work with you on your rent payments. 


Non-recourse stock loans may be an option for you.


Home Equity:
Home equity lines of credit may be possible if you have enough equity in your home. You would need to talk to a lender about this option. 



There are still a lot of moving parts with these programs/options and information is changing daily. So far we have not received guidance on the ins and outs of each program – for instance whether a business run out of your home would qualify for reimbursement of rent, how overlapping businesses may be handled, etc. The message here is it doesn’t hurt to try. Talk to us today about any of the options above and we may be able to help you decide which programs would be right for your particular circumstance.


Also – some banks are asking for a business valuation. Right now, due to the situation, we are doing these free of cost if needed. Simply send us 3 years of P&Ls and/or tax returns and we would be happy to provide this to you.


Life can and will return to normal. As a business owner you are more than acquainted with challenge and hardship – it’s the grit and determination of facing tough situations that makes you a successful entrepreneur. Don’t give up. Find creative solutions, programs you can utilize and plans to keep your business running as smoothly as possible during this unprecedented time. If you need help – ASK US! We know what you are going through and will assist you in every way we can. Reach out today, and stay safe out there.




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Smaller Is Better – How Buyers And Sellers Can Compete Against Big Business

According to a Gallup poll, the small business model is still favored by the public – so businesses large and small can help themselves by trying to stay true to the “smaller is better” model.



Forces are pushing U.S. companies toward mergers, consolidations, acquisitions and growth. Yet, Americans continue to show strongly negative attitudes toward ‘big’ business, coupled with a continued strong attitudinal affinity for small business. This poses an essential dilemma for large enterprises attempting to build and maintain a thriving business-to-consumer customer base.


The basic data are clear. Gallup’s most recent research shows that 70% of Americans have ‘a great deal’ or ‘quite a lot’ of confidence in small business, more than three times the 21% confidence rating for big business.


What can someone who is looking to buy a business or someone who is considering selling do with this information?


Think about why people prefer small businesses over huge corporate conglomerates. Attention. Customer service. The ability to understand local community needs. Those are the areas where smart small business owners can focus in order to set themselves apart from the big businesses that could otherwise easily destroy them with volume pricing. The way you put those ideas into practice is by making your business as accessible and customer-experience focused as possible.


If you are buying a business, you need to make this consideration when you take over the helm. Regardless of the old owner’s practices, you need to focus on customer service and community involvement. If your new business doesn’t have a website or social media presence – create one. Make you business accessible both on and offline. Come up with creative marketing strategies that will position your new enterprise as a pivotal member of the community. Sponsor related community events. Donate money or supplies when the occasion calls for it. Join local festivals and parades. You need to keep your focus on the local customer because their loyalty to you is your only weapon against the intrusion of huge corporations into your industry space.


If you currently own a business and are considering selling now or in the near future – your focus needs to be nearly the same as someone just about to take over as a new owner. You absolutely must have a decent website, one that gives real-time information about the goods and services you offer. You need a social media presence that you update several times a week, if not daily. You should be growing your business always, even if your near-future plan is to sell because a business with a solid path toward growth is going to fetch a much better selling price than a business that is stagnant. The creative marketing strategies above can and should be used to solidify your business in your area as a community business.


Big business will only win if small business stops paying attention to what matters most – local, loyal customers and their ability to access your business how and when they want to. Online presence and community presence will put the business you buy and the business you hope to sell in a great position to succeed.


Are you thinking about buying a business and were worried about how a small business can compete with the industry giants? Have you considered selling your business and want to know more about how implementing the ideas here can help your sale? Ask us! Leave any questions or comments here and we would be happy to help.



Want to read the Gallup article? Click here:




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Selling Your Business? How That Is Still Possible During A Pandemic


Is it possible to sell your business during a pandemic?


Yes! It is absolutely possible to sell your business in the age of Covid-19, for a couple of reasons. 


One, the buying and selling of businesses is the job of business brokers. Business brokers don’t have their own licensing category in terms of professional regulations – so they are licensed as real estate brokers. The good news is in most states real estate is considered an essential service, meaning business brokerages are currently operating albeit remotely


That brings us to our second reason – the vast majority of the business buying and selling process can be done without having to break social distancing guidelines


You can meet with your business broker by phone or by video chat. When it comes to contact with potential buyers – conference calls and video meetings are always available, and quite frankly something we already do with regularity. Documents can be shared securely online. We can create a virtual tour of your business so potential buyers can do an on site visit from the comfort of their couch. Our brokers can even arrange in person contact or on site visits if absolutely necessary, as we have implemented protocols whereby appropriate social distances are kept in place, no one shakes hands and all common surfaces (like door handles) are cleaned both before and after. 


If you have been considering selling your business – now might be a great time to start the process. You probably have extra time on your hands right now, and you can use that time to organize your business documentation, talk to your business broker and perhaps even tackle your to-do list in terms of maintenance at your currently closed business location. 


It’s also a great time to list your business because there are a lot of seriously bored people who are currently rethinking their life choices and more than a few of them will be searching online for business ownership opportunities. Why not make your business one of them?


We’re sure you have a lot of questions. It might seem like a bad time to make any drastic changes to life, but the truth is life will eventually return to normal. Kids will go back to school, people will go back to work and your business doors will be open again. Where do you want to be when that return to normalcy happens? Retired? Looking for a new business because you are burned out with the one you currently have? Taking a new path with the money you’ve made from the sale of your business? 


If you’re considering a big life change, talk to one of our business brokers today. They can tell you about the changes in protocol and changes occurring within the market – as well as what businesses like yours have recently sold for. They can also offer guidance on how to get your business ducks in a row so you can take advantage of the litany of buyers looking for a different life too


Don’t wait. Use this unprecedented time wisely, and you could be well on your way to a new chapter of your life.  


Are you thinking about selling your business but are worried that the current pandemic will make it impossible? Do you have questions about how the business-for-sale market has changed recently? Ask us! Please leave any questions or comments and we will be happy to help. 




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