Eric Camehl

Business Broker / 813.344.9615

Eric is a U.S. Army Veteran, serial entrepreneur, real estate broker, and business broker. Eric has personally bought, improved, and sold numerous businesses himself and uses that knowledge to help others buy and sell businesses. Having gone through the process of due diligence hundreds of times personally, he is able to share that knowledge with clients. Eric also brings a very strong network of various articles which can be an asset to almost any business vertical.

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Steven Moore

Business Broker / 239.860.6712

In a past life, Steve was a Computer Engineer in the US Air Force, and subsequently, a Sales Executive for some large Fortune 500 firms like Cisco Systems, as well as some smaller lesser-known startups. His experience with Big Data and the overall High-Tech arena over two decades is what got him in tune with the mindset of entrepreneurs spanning a wide variety of industries.

As a left-brain individual, Steve is organized and systematic, which is what it takes to be a good Business Broker. He knows how to usher individuals through the process that puts buyers and sellers together. Steve really loves what he does, helping people who are living the ultimate dream of owning their own business and becoming their own boss.

As a Business Broker and Commercial Realtor, Steve is licensed to work with just about any trade, including Information Technology, Construction, Accommodations and Food Services, Arts, Entertainment, and Recreation, Business Services, Bars and Taverns, to name a few. Whether yours is a small Main Street business in need of some Pre-Sale preparation, or a larger Middle Market business looking for a private equity infusion, please reach out to Steve for assistance.

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Michael Monnot

Business Broker / 941.518.7138

Michael has been directly or indirectly involved in all aspects of the buying, selling, financing and/or brokering of hundreds of businesses. Michael has experience as a small business owner and entrepreneur, having owned several businesses. His business ownership experience includes commercial finance, real estate investment, financial services and marketing. As a former owner/operator he knows the tremendous potential, as well as challenging demands, any current or future business owner must face. Operations, marketing, financing and strategic planning are a few of the areas where Michael has extensive knowledge and practical experience. These insights coupled with a BBA allow Michael to be a valuable asset in helping any business owner, investor or entrepreneur achieve their goals.

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