Business Sale? When To Tell The Staff


When a business is larger than a one-man shop, what the employees know about the sale of the business and when they know it are of major consideration and concern.


Keeping the employees in the dark is extremely important.


Breaches of confidentiality about a business and it’s for-sale status can cause massive issues.


There is a reasonable concern that once an entire staff knows the business is for sale, it will be impossible to keep that for-sale status confidential for any future time the business is on the market.


Employees may also jump ship. This usually occurs within the lower-level employees – think servers in a restaurant or clerks in a retail shop. The typical fear is a new owner will come in and clean house or that the business is for sale because it is closing the doors for good (rarely true).


What many sellers and their employees fail to realize is the jobs of critical staff (and maybe even the staff as a whole) are probably never safer than during the time frame when new ownership takes over. New owners need trained staff in place to keep the business up and running while they learn their new responsibilities.


My employees found out, now what? I don’t want to lose my whole staff.


If you are a seller whose employees somehow know the business is on the market (either intentionally or by confidentiality breach), make sure your employees know that you are expressing the importance of those employees to a new owner – this can greatly help to calm fears.


For the buyer of a business, meeting the staff before deciding whether or not to buy the business may seem necessary, but there are usually very few instances where this will be able to happen. Lower-level staff will likely have to be met after the deal is closed.


The employees a buyer will most likely be able to meet pre-closing will be key employees like managers and other staff members who are crucial to the operation and would be very difficult to replace. In most situations, the buyer will meet these employees only after all other aspects of due diligence have been satisfied and the deal is still moving forward. This protects the seller’s business from any damage that could be done by revealing the sale to the staff too soon.


The message here is that maintaining the confidentiality of the business sale will be paramount to the successful sale of the business, so both buyers and sellers will have to work together when it comes to the staff in order to keep everyone in place.


Are you a business seller who is concerned about your staff knowing the business is for sale? Are you a business buyer who feels they need to meet the staff before you get to the closing table? Please feel free to leave us a question or comment, and we will be happy to address any concerns you may have.




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Future Entrepreneur? A Few Thoughts


We would all love to be our own boss, to be completely in charge of our own destiny. If entrepreneurship seems somehow out of reach, you should know there are easier paths to business ownership than coming up with a groundbreaking and inspired idea and building a successful and thriving business from the ground up. What follows are a few thoughts for the entrepreneur inside of you – waiting to succeed. 


You can skip the build-out and buy existing.


The inspired idea would be nice, but it’s not necessary – or the easiest path. Typically, buying a business is a safer bet than building one from scratch. You get to take over as owner of an already built-out location with trained employees and a proven set of operating procedures. This can be a fantastic first step into business ownership because it skips all the disadvantages a start-up will encounter, like establishing a customer base and building cash flow.


It is not, however, a fool-proof way to enter the world of business ownership. You need to choose a business that is profitable, or one that has easily-remedied issues that will make it profitable quickly (like customer service issues that could be handled by replacing some of the staff). You need to choose a business that has room for growth, and if it is a retail business, one with inventory that customers still want.


Look for something in your wheelhouse.


When you are beginning your foray into business ownership a big step is choosing the type of business you will buy. Be very careful with this step because it is where many new entrepreneurs get into hot water. DO NOT buy a business you know absolutely nothing about. If you are someone who has enjoyed the bar-scene for a long time, but you have never spent so much as a minute working in the bar/restaurant industry, then buying a bar is a terrible idea.


Look at industries where you have some knowledge or experience, as this familiarity will save you from complete disaster. Taking over a business for the first time is hard enough – you don’t want to add starting from scratch in a brand new industry to the equation.


Find the right help.


The smartest step any budding entrepreneur can make is to talk to an experienced business broker. That first conversation can tell you what your options are, help you figure out your next steps and get you launched on the path to business ownership. A broker will be an invaluable asset. They can help you find businesses that are right for you, be a buffer during the negotiations between you and the seller, assist you with licenses/permits, help you put together contracts – the list goes on and on.


The message here is if entrepreneurship is your goal, there’s really no reason you can’t start planning a way to reach that goal. Talk to a business broker today!


Are looking for help with finding the right business for you? Do you have questions about the business buying process? Ask us! Please feel free to leave us a comment or question, and we will be happy to help you on your journey to business ownership.




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Why You Need A Transaction Broker: Protect The Deal Itself

Business sales are inherently complex. There are many aspects of the process of buying or selling a business that can be very different from the buying and selling of anything else.


If you have bought or sold a home, for instance, the business sale process will seem very foreign. There is usually more money changing hands, more complex financial issues, commercial leases needing to be negotiated, licensing and permitting concerns – the list goes on. How does one navigate this complex process? You employ the services of a professional business broker.



What is a business broker?


They are sometimes also known as transaction brokers, meaning they represent the transaction itself. 


Typically each side of the deal will have their own broker, and both essentially represent their party’s part of the transaction instead of representing the people themselves. This is why it is possible to have one broker for both the buyer and seller side of a deal. If both parties can trust the broker involved, having only one person as a go-between can make negotiations less difficult. 


Why is the business broker representing the transaction itself a good thing?


When a lot of money is changing hands things can get out of control very quickly. Business deals are messy. If the deal starts to go south, as most do at some point in the process, the broker is there to protect the deal. This is different from what an attorney might do in the same situation – an attorney’s job is to protect their client from any and all risk. If business brokers were employed to do the same thing, prevent any and all risk, it would be impossible to get a deal to closing because all business dealings – business sales included – come with a fair amount of risk.


The broker or brokers representing the transaction is what gets deals done.


Having someone to keep the deal moving is truly helpful, but you should also be able to trust the broker or brokers involved. Your broker is there to help you navigate this incredibly complex process and to help you either successfully sell or successfully purchase the right business for you. A good broker will go the extra mile for their clients because your eventual success as a business owner or seller leads to your broker’s success within a healthy small business market. 


Are you thinking of buying or selling a business and want to know more about the role of a business broker in the process? Please leave us a question or comment here, and we will be happy to help.




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