Video: Empowering and Motivating Employees

Do you struggle to keep your employees motivated? Are you experiencing excessive employee turnover? Are you getting frustrated with the performance, quality and attitude of certain individuals on your staff?


There are 3 key areas that can greatly improve employee effectiveness and help to keep your staff motivated, productive and happy!


  1. Have clearly defined “Core Values” for your business: Employees will generally act and behave in accordance to the overlying principles and values of a business. Keeping your “Core Values” visible and frequently sharing them with your staff is good practice and leads to effective team leadership.


  1. Defined roles, goals, job descriptions, processes and procedures helps alleviate confusion and keep everyone on track!  When employees know with certainty exactly what is expected of them, they tend to take more ownership and pride in their position and it reflects in their positive performance. When they lack clarity around what’s to be expected of them they will typically underperform, and sometimes this also results in other issues like “passing the buck”, blaming others or complaining about not being given clear guidance. We all know the power of effective communication, and having clearly defined roles and processes will ensure an effective business system and happy and productive employees!


  1. Encouragement and Appreciation truly creates a positive atmosphere and also make each employee feel valued, important and happy. People who are feeling good about what they do and feel appreciated for their service will generally go the extra mile to get the job done!  They enjoy coming to work and speak highly of their boss and company. If you are looking to build a strong effective team that will carry your company forward into success…don’t be reserved or shy about dishing out some gratitude and appreciation!  Your employees will love hearing it and they will continue to improve their attitude and work performance….resulting in increased production, happy employees and positive business growth!


By Guest Contributor Ron Frost

Motivational Speaker | Life Coach | Business Coach



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