The New SEO and How Business Sellers Can Benefit

If your business has a website and you consider SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in your marketing plans, then knowing how SEO is evolving in 2015 will be pivotal in ensuring your business is benefiting from your online presence. If you don’t consider SEO or don’t even have a web presence to speak of, read this to find out how and why that should change.


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The old methods of improving ranking have changed a lot over the past few years (especially after the changes when the Google Panda update went into effect in 2011). Here are a few of the big changes that sellers should be aware of for 2015.


Keywords Versus Content


The old way of climbing the rankings was to cram as many keywords into your site as possible, making it easy for Google and other search engines to find out what category they should stick you in. Keywords still hold some sway, like in the meta tags of your pages, but the new SEO is user-driven (as it always should have been) meaning you need to have content that users will find valuable if you want your site to matter.


This matters to a seller because not only will great content (like a frequently updated blog) bring in new customers and profits thereby driving up the selling price, but it will leave a fantastic first impression on any potential buyers who visit your site – your business takes the time to focus on the newest marketing techniques in the digital age.


Not All Links Are Created Equal


Those who practice SEO have always known that black hat practices like buying links and spinning garbage articles were not technically good – but we did them anyway because they worked. In the new SEO world, the focus is again on user-experience, so garbage articles need to be replaced with really great and continually fresh content. Your focus should be on creating a great web visit for your customers, and then letting things like links occur organically. Paid backlinks and other black hat will only get you into trouble.


This matters to sellers because black hat antics can get your site delisted on search engines, which can be disastrous if you are in the middle of trying to sell. Write nice articles, remove any paid links and let your web presence grow organically with the use of good links and social media.


Want to know more about the new SEO? Click here to visit a great infographic by QuickSprout!


Do you have more questions about how to make SEO work in your favor when trying to sell your business? Have you found ways to get your website noticed and would like to share with the small business community? Please feel free to leave a question or comment here.



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