Selling Your Business: What to Tell Your Clients/Customers

You are well on your way to a business sale, and as you and your buyer hash out all of the final details, one aspect of the transition you will need to consider is how and when to tell your customers that the business is changing hands. If you have a business that does not have specific and personal client relationships, then this part can be easy or even left up to the new owner. If, however, you have a business with a defined client list, like a house cleaning company or something similar with service contracts, then it will be up to you to help the transition to new owner go smoothly.

One way to announce the change to new ownership is by sending a letter or an email announcement to your current clients. You will want to time this carefully, as letting them know about the business sale before it is a sure thing can be problematic if the deal happens to fall through.


Some things to include in your announcement are:


-How much you have appreciated their business and how you’ve enjoyed owning your business.

-Tell them that you will be transferring ownership of the business, and when the new owners will be taking over.

-Give a brief description of the new owners, including a bit of background and why you are willing to endorse this new owner as the representative of your business.

-Explain that the services they receive will not change, unless this is not the case. If you know what the new owner has planned, you can let your clients know what those changes will be and when they will be put into place.

-You should also disclose if they will be seeing a change in price for the services they receive.

– Give your clients contact information if they have any questions about the transition.

-Let your clients know that you sincerely thank them for their business and know they will be in good hands with the new owners.


Ultimately, your announcement of the business sale should be given in a positive light, and with the lines of communication open. If you have a business that is very dependent on a client list, this transition will be important in the success of the sale.

Do you need help with writing an announcement for your clients or customers? Do you have questions related to you specific type of business and what you would need to include in such an announcement? Leave us a comment or question here, and we will be happy to assist.




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  1. Hello I am selling my maternity concierge business to a very good friend and RN who has worked with e since I opened the company. I would like to make the message to our business contacts and clients a very positive one.

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