Selling Your Business? How To Think Like An Investor, Not An Owner

When you own a business, your head must be in the game in terms of the day-to-day operations, otherwise you wouldn’t be successful. One of the most difficult parts of trying to sell your business will be to take that mindset you’ve been using to make your business what it is today and change it around so you can see what any potential buyer will.


Every business that is headed to the market can benefit from this change in view, as it will allow you to see what changes are needed to get your business to a point where a buyer will be willing to invest their time and money.


To start this process, ask yourself a very simple question. If you walked into your business today, exactly as it is, would you buy it or not?


If the answer is yes, are you truly looking at the business with an objective eye? If you feel that you are, think of reasons why you would buy your business all over again. These aspects of your business are the ones you will need to highlight for a prospective buyer so they can see the business in the same “good investment light” you do.


If the answer to the question of whether you would buy your business again is no, what reasons do you have for feeling that way? Does the business need major aesthetic renovation? Are there more things that need repair than you have the time or money to handle? Are the systems of operation inefficient? Are there changes you would love to make, but for one reason or another you never have?


The answers to these kinds of questions are the issues you will need to address long before you list your business on the market. If you are truly unhappy with parts of your business, any buyer that comes through the door will likely see these parts in the same way. Fixes now will keep you from losing buyers down the road.


Make repairs, thoroughly clean, add a fresh coat of paint, streamline operations, get the financial records in order, etc. Even minor changes can help your prospective buyers to see the business in the best light possible.

Are you thinking of selling your business, but you are unsure of what buyers are looking for? Do you need help seeing your business as an investor instead of as the owner? Please feel free to leave us a comment or question here, and we would be happy to help you get your business ready for the market.




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