It’s New Year’s Resolution Time – No More Excuses, Buy A Business In 2019!

Anyone who’s ever had a job where they worked for someone else has considered life on the other side – as the owner of a business. The entrepreneurial dream is one where you control your own destiny and do something that gives you a reason to get up in the morning.

Many budding entrepreneurs hold back on their dream of business ownership because they think they could never afford it, owning a business is too risky or now isn’t a good time.

With the new year on the horizon, perhaps you should rethink these excuses that keep you from business ownership and start the new year on a path to your own dreams.

Excuse #1: I could never afford it.

Sure, there will always be businesses that are well outside of your price range, but think of it this way. If you had a small budget when you were looking for a place to live, you probably weren’t looking at mansions on the beach. You looked at your options within the framework of your budget. The same thing goes when you look for businesses. You might have to start small if you don’t have a lot of funds at your disposal, but small business ownership comes in many forms. If you work hard, you can make any business grow into what you need it to be. If you are shopping for businesses, you may also be able to find a seller who will take a significant down payment and seller finance the rest. You can also look into funding through the Small Business Administration (SBA). The SBA, as a government agency, will require a lot of paperwork but it could help you on your path to business ownership. Talk to a business broker about what funds you have available and what your goals for business ownership are. They will likely be able to find you a few options that would be feasible.

Excuse #2: Owning a business is too risky.

Yes, owning a business comes with it’s fair share of risk. You could end up bankrupt if you don’t put in the effort to make the business into a success. You could also walk into your “stable” job tomorrow and get laid off. In the working world nothing is ever a sure thing, so if you have always wanted to own your own business (and you have the passion and drive to get you there) – entrepreneurship is just as risky as anything else. Buying an established business is also typically less risky than trying to start your own company from scratch, as the concept and location have already been proven successful. Talk to your business broker about the risks you will be taking by buying an existing business.

Excuse #3: Now isn’t a good time.

The business market fluctuates from a seller’s market to a buyer’s market and back again on a regular basis. The good news if you are buyer is the market is about to be flooded with a wave of baby boomer owned businesses, and when this wave hits the market the tide will shift in the buyer’s favor. More and more businesses list every month, so now is as good a time as any to jump in and find the right business for you. Besides, you aren’t getting any younger- so why wait to fulfil your dreams?

If you have ever considered business ownership, now is a great time to take that dream and turn it into a reality. Make your new year’s resolution one where you buy yourself a business in 2016!

Do you have questions about the kind of business you can afford? Are you concerned about the risks or timing? Please contact us today or leave any questions/comments here and we would be happy to help.

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