It’s A Sellers Market – But Not for Long! Now is the Time to Sell Your Business

If you have thought about selling your business – it’s time!


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Although I never like to compare the real estate market to the business opportunity market there is an obvious analogy there.

What happens when there are too many homes on the market? Home values decrease due to the demand, pretty obvious.

We definitely do not see a glut of businesses on the market, for now. Search businesses for sale, you will find many attractive looking businesses on paper but is there anything that looks truly appealing?

On top of that, when searching for a business for buyers we will request packages from other brokers and rarely are we finding anything that makes sense. Numbers are not accurate, no financials, wild projections that cannot be substantiated…

Most of the businesses have a lack of real information a buyer would want to see, usually a paragraph or an extremely unprofessional presentation.

A professional presentation is needed so a buyer can determine whether to pursue the business or not – and this is just one of the areas we excel in.

I have spoken to many business owners that had plans to retire but the unfortunate change in the economy starting in 2006 forced many to keep their businesses longer than anticipated, but most of these businesses have recovered.

Here is your opportunity:

With the massive amounts of baby boomers getting set to retire – these boomer-owned businesses have yet to hit the market. But when these businesses start to pop up for sale, we are expected to go from the current seller’s market with having very favorable multiples to a buyer’s market with a glut of businesses which will push down values.

Start to factor the length of time that it typically takes to sell a business (9 to 12 months) and how much longer we will have a shortage of businesses, the uptick in the economy, the low interest rates…and knowing it will not last forever, how much time do you have to sell?

This is the time to sell! Don’t wait for the downward trend and prolong your exit any further.

Contact me to discuss the process; how we would prepare your business for sale and the opportunity you have right now.


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