Immune From Burn-Out, The Serial Entrepreneur

No matter what you do for a living, you will probably get tired of doing what you are doing.


If you are truly in love with the business you own and have a deep passion for what you do, these momentary periods of feeling burned out will likely pass.


If you aren’t driven by a deep passion, then the burn-out you experience can be more severe and can lend itself to a big, big problem. Many small business owners who get to the burn-out stage stop caring about the business they run – and as a result the business falters.




No longer caring can tank your business investment incredibly quickly, which isn’t good for you, your investment or any employees you might have.


Instead of taking your foot off the gas and watching what you’ve created evaporate before your eyes, you can take a more productive routebecome a serial entrepreneur.


What is a serial entrepreneur? This is someone who views business ownership not as a lifetime commitment, but as a series of investments built toward a goal of personal success.


A serial entrepreneur looks for businesses that are ripe for growth and takes on the challenge of implementing as many strategies as possible to maximize that initial investment with the end goal of reaching a certain threshold. Once that threshold is reached, a serial entrepreneur sells that business and looks for the next opportunity.


Life as a serial entrepreneur gives you all of the advantages of business ownership, like control of your schedule and your own destiny without the possibility of burn-out. If you do get tired of one of your business investments, then the time has come to move on.


Are you a business owner on the verge of burn-out? Do you want to know more about becoming a serial entrepreneur? Ask us! Leave questions or comments and we would be happy to help.



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