How to List and Sell Your Business Now

The process is more simple than you may think.
We will initially conduct a short phone interview to gain insight into your business such as general revenues, how income is to be proven, products/services offered…Afterwards we will send a request for data specific to your business and will follow that up with either a meeting or more lengthy phone conversation.

Our goal is to ask all of the right questions that a buyer will ask, incorporate our findings into a buyers memorandum that will consist of important data for a buyer, recasted financials, a strength and weakness analysis and much more all used to properly sell your business.

Many times brokers send minimal information. I have seen anything from a simple name and website given to the tax returns sent. Most buyers do not possess the skills to properly read and recast financial statements and is not the first impression you want to give a potential buyer but rather when a buyer receives our marketing package they often know rather quickly if this is the right business for them.

Why list your business now?

We have an increasingly growing data base with buyers from all over the world, a direct marketing program, we have a large network of brokers that we cooperate with, attorneys and CPAs referring their buyers and we have been selling good businesses in much less time than the average typical timeframes and often for above average multiples.

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