How a CPA Can Help Their Clients Sell Without Losing Clients of Their Own

As a CPA, your paycheck depends on client acquisition and client retention. This can cause a conflict of interest when your small business clients get to point in life where they are considering selling. Do you advise them that they are ready to sell, and then end up one client down? Or do you try and prolong your business relationship by telling them they should wait a few years to build the business before putting it on the market? One answer is obviously more ethical than the other, but for a CPA who is concerned about retaining their small business client numbers, there is a third option.

Work with us.

Why? Most of our buyers come from out of state or even out of the country, and what that means for your accounting business is client number retention. We work with CPA’s and the business sellers that come out of their client lists with a focus on making sure the buyer of the business ends up working with the same CPA that the seller did previously.

How do you make sure I keep my client numbers?

An out of state or international buyer typically doesn’t come to the closing table with any of their own business contacts, and we know how important a client list is to a CPA that has agreed to work with us, so we match the CPA who has already worked with the business with the new buyer. What your accounting business ends up with is client number continuity, and the buyer gets the benefit of working with a CPA who already knows their new business inside and out.

This can be a great win-win for all of those involved, but this is not a practice that all business brokers follow. We know and understand how hard you’ve worked to grow your accounting business, and we don’t want you to lose clients when a business is sold. By choosing to work with us and refer your clients who are interested in selling to us, you can rest assured that we will work to keep the business on your client list.

Are you a CPA with clients who are ready to sell, but you were concerned about losing the business as a client if they do sell? Contact us today or leave us a question here, and we can further explain our process of CPA client retention. We look forward to working with you!




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