Don’t Forget About Foreign Investors – Why The Visa Process Could Mean Great Buyers For Your Business

The American small business economy was built on the backs of hard-working immigrants who came to the United States to make a better life for themselves and their future families. Even with this history, most business sellers have never thought of opening their business sale to foreign buyers. If you are looking to sell your business and haven’t yet considered overseas buyers – now is definitely the time to change that fact.


For a foreign national to buy a business and immigrate to the United States, they must first find a business that qualifies for an investor Visa like the E2 Visa. This pre-qualification of sorts can be done ahead of time on a seller’s side so any foreign nationals looking to move to the U.S. can immediately consider your business. Not all businesses will qualify for an E2 Visa or other foreign investor Visas, but a good number do. The only way to find out if your business would qualify is to ask your business broker.




Why is it a good idea to see if your business qualifies for foreign investors?

Getting your business qualified for the E2 or another foreign investor Visa opens your business to a world full of buyers, and buyers looking to come to the U.S. are very motivated.


Why have I never heard of this?

There aren’t many brokers who are familiar with the Visa process or brokers who have connections with good immigration attorneys. Ask your broker how many Visa transactions they have done, what kinds of connections they have with immigration attorneys and whether or not they have connections with foreign buyers.


What about the Visa process? Won’t there be too many delays?

Immigration or consulate-related delays are not as bad as you might think. The length of time it takes to get the Visa package through a consulate will vary and depend on the country your buyer is coming from, but a good immigration attorney or a good business broker familiar with the Visa process will be able to give you a ball-park figure of the length of time the paperwork will take. Most don’t take longer than a few weeks.


How can I learn more about the E2 Visa and foreign investor process?

First, talk to your business broker to find out if your business would qualify for a Visa. Next, you can visit our foriegn investor site,, to view the tutorial for foreign investors that explains the Visa process in detail (click here).


What if I have more questions?

Ask us! Leave any comments or questions below. You can also read previous articles on the E2 Visa and foreign investor Visas by clicking here:


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