Buying A Business? Why You Should Be Decisive And Make An Offer


You think you’re ready to buy. You’ve researched the market and found that in the industry you’re considering there is room for growth. This industry will suit you because you already have practical experience and familiarity. You’ve searched for businesses and discussed the options available for sale with your business broker, and you’ve settled on one choice that really interests you. The next step is to make an offer – but that idea seems terrifying. What if it turns out this isn’t the business for you?


It’s hard to make big decisions. You can research, ponder and then research some more – but at the end of the day the only way to move forward is to act.




Here’s the good news.


There are two types of offers that you can make, and you should consult with your business broker to determine which would work better in your unique situation. One is a Letter Of Intent (LOI) and the other is a Purchase Contract (sometimes just called an Offer). Either way you choose to proceed – you can walk away from the deal if you decide (for whatever reason) that this business isn’t for you. It’s that simple. You will also get ample time to go through the business (financial records, contracts, commercial leases and the like) during a process known as due diligence.


Once you’ve submitted your offer you will have both the time and information you need to make an educated and carefully considered decision about a business.


What happens if you don’t make an offer? Well, nothing. You don’t get a chance to really look at a business because no owner is going to allow a due diligence level investigation of their business if you don’t have ay intention of actually buying it. If you never make offers you end up in a business buyer purgatory with everyone who is just there to kick tires.


If what you really want is to own your own business, you have to start taking those next steps and being decisive. Making an offer tells everyone involved in the deal that you’re a serious buyer and deserve to be treated as such.


Do you really want to buy a business, but making an offer seems like a daunting step? Are there questions about the types of offers you’d like answered? Have you made an offer on a business that you ended up not buying and have an experience to share? Please feel free to leave any questions or comments, we would be happy to help.




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