Buying A Business? 3 Ways To Find A Great Broker

If you are considering buying a business, then you’ve probably started looking for a business broker to help you. If you haven’t, you should, as the business transaction process can be dauntingly complex and rarely makes it to a successful closing without some qualified help.


If you are broker shopping, you will quickly discover that there are a lot of options.


How do you choose the right professional to help you?


First, avoid any “part time” brokers. Many, many business professionals like real estate agents, attorneys, accountants – we’ve even come across doctors – “moonlight” as business brokers. Their attempts in our industry are on a part time “dabbling” basis, and as such they rarely know what they are doing. You wouldn’t come to a business broker if someone was threatening you with a lawsuit, so why would you use an attorney to navigate a business deal? Look for business brokers who are only that – full time brokers.


Secondly, you want to avoid business brokers who have “proprietary methods”. Some brokers use their so-called proprietary methods as a selling point, but from an industry standpoint there really isn’t anything about what a broker does that could ever really be proprietary. Any broker who gives you the “I am the only one with the special sauce” routine is trying too hard to impress you instead of focusing on what’s important – finding you the right business.


Third, you want to avoid business brokers who spend a small fortune on advertising. Brokers who are spending money on multiple television ads, massive full-color mailers and dozens of radio spots are again spending too much of their time focusing on the wrong aspect of their business.


What should you use to find a great broker? Referrals. If you find a business broker who gets the vast majority of their business from referrals, then you’ll be in good hands. Referrals come from past buyers, sellers, other industry professionals like attorneys and accountants – and these referrals amount to a great review of that broker’s previous work. Those past clients and professionals trust this broker enough to send the people they know their way. If you are talking to a broker, ask them how much of their business is referral based. A broker with a ton of referrals will be someone who can get the job done and find you a great business.


Would you like to know more about how to decide on a business broker? Would you like to know about our referral rate here at IBB? Ask us! Please feel free to leave any questions or comments here and we would be happy to help.




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