Burned Out? Ready For Something New? Sell And Reinvest To Reinvigorate

We’ve been there. It’s what feels like (or maybe actually is) the 90th hour you’ve worked that week, and you are so burned out with everything that it takes to run your business that you are actually entertaining the idea of closing the doors and finding a regular 9-to-5 job – tomorrow. Punching the clock for someone else seems like a dream.


The reality is you are an entrepreneur at heart. You have to be. You have driven your business into what it is today. A 9-to-5 job might be a relief at first, but the very first time you have to do something you think is ridiculous, simply because management told you to do so – you’ll instantly regret leaving business ownership.


What to do then, when the monotony of having to go into your business and do the same thing everyday has become too much? Sell your business and reinvest!


A large number of the business sellers we work with come back looking to buy another business. When it’s the entrepreneurial spirit that drives you, you can’t go back to 9-to-5. If monotony has you down, sometimes all you need is a change of pace.


You can even look within your own industry. If you now own a decent sized fine dining restaurant, then maybe a small cafe might be a good fit because of all your years of experience – but without the same workload or levels of responsibility. The change of pace might do you well.


Perhaps the thought of buying another business in the same industry sounds like a terrible idea. What you might need is another industry altogether. Say you’ve owned your own insurance agency for years, but you spent several years of your youth working in an auto shop – and you daydream about a business in the auto industry. As long as the industry you are trying to enter is one where you have some level of knowledge or practical experience, the move to another industry may suit you.


Brought up in mom or dad’s business, but your true passion lies elsewhere? Family businesses typically get passed down to the next generation, but the next generation may not have the same passion for the industry that their parents did. Continue your parent’s entrepreneurial legacy while simultaneously following your own path by selling the business. Use the capital to invest in a different venture that will get you jumping out of bed in the morning.


Are you tired of your business, but the thought of returning to working for someone else isn’t pleasant? Would you like to know what types of businesses would be available to you if you sold the one you have now? Ask us! Please leave us a comment or question here, and we will be happy to help.



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