Burned Out? Ready To Buy A Business? Avoid The Steep Learning Curve

You are completely burned out. You hate going to work everyday, and all you want to do is do something completely different. You are considering making the leap and buying your own business with the intention of buying a business that is the exact opposite of what you currently do. This could be a monumentally bad idea.



When you daydream about owning your own business, it oftentimes involves a business or industry that is completely different than the business for which you currently work. This “grass is always greener” thought process can be disastrous if you use those daydreams to inform your decision on what type of business to buy.


Business ownership is tough, especially if it will be your first time as a small business owner.


Your transition into entrepreneurship will come with a huge learning curve, so it is almost always a mistake to add learning a whole new industry to the already enormous task of learning how to run a business.


Staying within your industry or within an industry where you already have some practical experience will likely be pivotal to your success. You will be able to handle the day to day operations of your business because it is similar to something you have already done in a professional capacity.


Notice that we said “similar”. You don’t have to buy a business exactly like the job you left in order to reap the rewards of staying within your industry. Many industry skills from one specific type of business will easily translate to another. You can also go to industries where you previously, but not currently, have experience. The point here is a car salesman who has never spent a single minute working in the restaurant industry shouldn’t buy a huge bar.


The other reason to stay within your industry? Landlords. Many new to the small business world don’t realize that the vast majority of businesses exist in a space that is rented from someone else. Commercial landlords want tenants who will succeed, and have seen plenty of inexperienced business owners tank their businesses and stop paying their rent. Any landlord is going to want your resume to see if you know what you are doing before they lease you the space. Someone with zero experience in the business they are trying to buy will be hard pressed to find a willing commercial property owner.


If the thought of spending one more moment in your current industry makes you nauseous, have a conversation with an experienced and qualified business broker. You might be surprised to find multiple businesses that are different enough from what you currently do to make you happy – that will also allow you to use the skills and experience you already have. Don’t let burn out destroy your chances for successful business ownership.


Have you thought about buying your own business, but don’t know what type would work for you? Would you like to see what businesses in the current market meet with your business ownership goals? Ask us! Please feel free to leave questions or comments and we would be happy to help.




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