Brick & Mortar To Digital Marketplace – 2 Ways To Make Your Business More Appealing To Buyers

Let’s face it. The traditional brick and mortar retail space is evolving into a digital marketplace – and if you own a brick and mortar retail store you might be feeling panicked about what the future means for your business and your chances of selling down the road.


Don’t freak out.


There are two very simple steps you can take to ensure that your business has a future in the digital age – and as a bonus these steps will also be a major selling point when buyers come looking.



#1 Create an online store

Any business website should incorporate some kind of digital shopping experience, no matter the industry. Even if you don’t want to go the order and ship route, you can at the very least have your goods and services (with prices) listed on your website so a customer can shop your store to see what’s available. In the age of Amazon and Etsy, no one wants to wander around town, visiting multiple stores in order to find something specific. They want to know if you have it and they want to know what it costs. A menu, images of products, a virtual tour of the sections of your store with the products they contain – any way for customers to peruse your offerings online will help bring them to your brick and mortar location. An online shopping platform will also be a major selling point to potential business buyers, as it shows your tenacity and drive to stay ahead of market trends – keeping your business growing and evolving as the market changes.


#2 Offer cashless options

When was the last time you saw cash? With the vast majority of the larger retail and service companies embracing digital payment options like ApplePay and tap & pay credit cards, those small businesses who hold the line and require very specific credit cards or only cash are going to have a serious problem down the road getting customers in their doors. A merchant services plan today will absolutely pay off down the road as it will capture those customers who might have passed your business by because you didn’t honor their cashless payment. You also want to make it clear on your store front, at your registers and online that you offer multiple cashless options. Merchant services are a major selling point to buyers for many of the same reasons as an online store – it shows you know that the market is changing and have changed your business practices accordingly.


Retail business may be changing, but it doesn’t mean that your retail business is dead or can’t sell. It just means that you need to embrace the future and update your business practices as the market moves.


Do you own a retail business and want to know more about how an online storefront and cashless options can draw potential buyers? Have you already implemented changes like these and have an experience to share with other business sellers? Please feel free to leave any questions or comments here.




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