Video Link: 2 Tips on Making the Switch to Entrepreneurship

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In a video from Inc. (see link below), Amy Simmons, the founder of Amy’s Ice Cream, tells future entrepreneurs that there are two things she would offer as advice to future business owners.


The first piece of advice? You need to have enough money. We agree, but what qualifies as “enough money” will very much depend on your goals for business ownership. There are businesses that will run you in the millions, but there are also many affordable small business options that could get you where you want to go with business ownership. Talk to a business broker about the capital you have available to invest in a business and about what you hope to achieve through business ownership – and they will be able to guide you to business options that would suit your goals.


Her second piece of advice? Just do it! We couldn’t agree more! Buying a business is a huge step, but the benefits of making the switch from employee to entrepreneur can make that step the best one you’ve ever made.


The life of an entrepreneur has many, many benefits. First and foremost, all of the work you do is for yourself. As the owner of a business all of your effort and personal investment comes right back to you instead of to someone else. If the business grows and makes more money because of your new marketing strategies – you are the beneficiary of your hard work.


The next major benefit of entrepreneurship? You make your own schedule. You work as much or as little as you wish, and you ultimately decide what your hours will be. This does not mean, however, that you can work part-time and make the same money you did at a regular 9 to 5 job. Business owners put in long hours – the difference is the flexibility of those hours is determined by you as the owner. You won’t have to ask your boss if you can have a night off to attend your child’s recital, you can just go.


Possibly the biggest benefit of small business ownership is the ability to do something that you love everyday. Small business owners can turn their passion into a way to make money – and the wake up every morning excited about the potential of the day ahead. The direction of their work day is determined by the direction they want their business to take, not the whims of a boss or corporation. That ability to control your own destiny can be incredibly fulfilling.


The points this video makes – having enough capital and taking the plunge – are great advice for anyone who is considering making the jump to business ownership. If you are curious about the types of businesses currently available, use our business search page to take a look at some possible options, then contact us to discuss what your available funds and business ownership goals could mean for your future as an entrepreneur!


Watch the video 2 Tips on Making the Switch to Entrepreneurship: Amy Simmons, founder of Amy’s Ice Cream, talks about how she made the switch from medical school to the ice cream business here:


Are you kicking around the idea of buying a business but have questions about what kind of business you could afford? Do you want to know what your options would be in the industries that interest you? Ask us! Leave comments or questions here and we would be happy to help.



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