Why Smart Sellers And Smart Buyers Embrace Creative Marketing – Part 2: How Do I Do It?

Whether you’re a small business owner already who is looking to sell or someone who is ready to try small business ownership for the first time, marketing (and marketing creatively) should be a top priority. This article is part two of two that will ask both why creative marketing is important and how to do it (read Part 1: Why? by clicking here).




Part 2: OK, I get why creative marketing is important – how do I do it?


The most important message when thinking about a marketing plan? Be creative!

A sign out front or a poorly maintained Facebook page just won’t cut it. Try different ideas to see what works. If something doesn’t work, don’t get discouraged. Just try another approach. Here are a few to get you started.


Creative Marketing Idea #1 – You should have a great website.


This one should go without saying. Businesses who don’t embrace the digital age are making a huge mistake. Your website also needs to be more than a one-pager with nothing more than your address. A visit to your site should be as complete as a visit to your business – so you should include pictures, menus or product lists, hours of operation and ways for customers to both call and email you. Optimize your site for mobile users as well, as many people will be visiting your site from their mobile devices and not just the big screen on their home computer. One of the most important things you can add to a website to make it easier for both customers and search engines to find is a constantly updated blog. Your blog should lists events, promotions or sales, thank you’s to your customers and articles about what your business offers. You should also include a call to action at the end of your posts, inviting customers to comment or ask questions.


Creative Marketing Idea #2 – Answer Reviews


No one likes bad reviews, and let’s face it – there are people out there that you could never make happy, but you should treat all negative reviews like a second chance to win back a lost customer. You should take any review as constructive criticism and avoid the urge to take what was said personally. Answer negative reviewers in an apologetic and courteous tone. Address their reasons for giving you a negative review and discuss the changes you will implement to make any future visit to your business different. Not only will this gesture reach out the the customer who was displeased, anyone who reads the bad review and your response will know how much you care about your customers. You should also respond with thanks to any positive reviews to let those customers know that their opinions have been both heard and appreciated.


Creative Marketing Idea #3 – Be a Local


Any local community has events – from festivals, parades, shows – you get the idea. Find a way to make your business a part of the local community on a regular basis and your customer base will naturally grow. If you are restuarant, take part in local food tasting events or provide food and drinks for a local music festival. If you are an insurance company, doctor’s office or real estate firm you can sponsor local sports teams or sponsor events like marathons. Anywhere you can get your name and your product in front of the folks who live near your business is a chance to spread the word about who you are and what you do.


Some other ideas? Use services like Groupon and the like to offer a special deal to new customers and get them in your door. Take advantage of any and all social media outlets and link them to your blog and website. Join local networking groups and get to know other business owners in your community. The key to successful small business growth is both creativity and persistence!


Are you ready to sell your business and want to know what types of creative marketing you could implement to help with your sale? Are you thinking about buying a business with little to no marketing plan to speak of and are wondering the best place to start? Ask us! Please feel free to leave any comments or questions below.


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