Why Business Sellers Should Care A LOT About SEO

Ok, so we’ll start first with what SEO is. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and what that means is any business that wants to survive in the digital age MUST have a relevant online presence that makes it easy for customers to find them.


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Think about how you use the internet yourself. The last time you wanted to try a new pizza restaurant, you probably typed in “pizza restaurant” and the city where you live into a search engine and hit enter. The pizza places that end up on the first page or two of results are there because 1. they actually have a user-friendly website and 2. the website is built and run in such a way (ie. constantly updated relevant content like a blog) that makes it easy for search engines to find. The pizza restaurants on the first page or two of results are also the ones you will most likely choose from. No one is going to page 15 to find a place to eat.


I’m selling my business, why does any of this matter to me?


First of all, any prospective buyer who signs a nondisclosure and then learns the name of your establishment is going to immediately head to a search engine to see what comes up. If you have no web presence at all, they will likely find any bad reviews and a smattering of vague listings on unhelpful sites. Not good for a first impression. If your web presence consists of a poorly maintained Facebook page or a one-page website, then it’s likely that potential buyers will not be impressed.


If you have a decent website, complete with constantly updated content and a user-friendly experience – then that is the first impression you will make (with both buyers and customers). You should list what you offer, your location, the hours of operation, any menus or products, etc. A visit to your website should be as complete as a visit to your business. Your blog should have articles about what you do, advertisements for upcoming events or sales, pictures of the business, and thank you’s to your current clientele. There should also be a way for customers to both call and email you with questions.


Not only does a decent web presence make a great first impression on buyers (and customers) and make it easier for search engines to move you up in search rankings, it can even make your business worth more. There are many services available where a non-tech person can create a beautiful and functional website without enormous costs – and this small bit of financial investment coupled with an investment of your time can create a far bigger return when you sell your business than comparable expenditures of time and money can.


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