The Boomer Exit: Why Now Is The Time To Buy A Business


It’s all over the news. A mass exodus of employees from the workforce in the last 18 months. Sure, the pandemic was largely to blame – but many of those who left or lost jobs during the pandemic haven’t returned to those same jobs now that the economy has rebounded. While some of this exodus and failure to return has been blamed on stagnant wages and working conditions there’s a portion of this exodus that can be very important of you are considering buying a business.


That portion? Baby Boomers.


Many Baby Boomer business owners had plans to close up shop, sell their businesses and retire in the pre-recession era of 2007  – but the economic collapse in 2008 meant many of those business owners had to stay in the workforce and wait for a better time to cash out.


Guess what? Now is that time. The Baby Boomer generation isn’t getting any younger, and many are well past the age they had hoped to retire. With the economy in a good place any smart business owner on the threshold of retirement isn’t going to waste the opportunity to sell while the selling is good.


What does that mean for you as a business buyer? There are going to be a lot of really great businesses hitting the market. Long-term businesses that not only survived the recession – they were strong enough to weather the pandemic as well. Businesses with good reputations and staying power. Businesses with experienced ownership and a devoted clientele. The kinds of businesses any prospective buyer hopes to find. A bonus? There will be a lot of them.


This influx of businesses to the market can change the game in your favor. The large supply of listed businesses means we’ve shifted to a buyer’s market – one where you will have more choices and a bit more negotiating power.


What should you do if you think you might want to try and buy one of these great retiring-Boomer businesses? Don’t wait. Once the Boomer businesses have all changed hands we’re likely looking at a shift to a seller’s market and fewer choices in terms of long-standing businesses out there for sale. Talk to a qualified and experienced business broker today about your goals for business ownership, the capital you have to invest and the industries you think might work for you. They can help you find great businesses to consider so you can get on the path to your entrepreneurial dreams.


Have you recently considered business ownership and want to know what businesses are currently listed on the market? Do you have questions about the benefits of buying a long-standing business instead of a brand new one? Ask us! Leave any questions or comments and we would be happy to help.




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