How To Get Your Deal To Close – Managing Reality and Expectations

No matter what the economic climate looks like, there are always businesses changing hands. Buyers and sellers are always working together – but even in the most favorable of circumstances some deals are destined to die. 




The main reason that deals fall apart before they hit a closing table? Unrealistic expectations


Business buyers and business sellers come into the business transaction process with an idea in their head of how that transaction is going to go and what they will get out of the deal. The problem with this initial vision is they are almost always an impossible reality. Businesses and business transactions are complicated, messy and involve many moving parts and personalities. Considering your business transaction with a focus on reality will help you immensely in having a successful sale or purchase.



First and foremost, there is no possible way that you are going to get everything you want. If you are buying a good business, you are not going to get it for a rock-bottom price. If you are selling, you are not going to get 10 times what businesses like yours are actually selling for. Business deals are full of negotiation – and not just about price. You will have to negotiate things like the length of due diligence, the length of the training period, the terms for seller financing, the clauses of a new lease – the list goes on. Be realistic in the negotiation phase of your business transaction. Go in knowing that there will need to be a lot of give and take from both sides of the transaction if you are going to get a deal done.


Another major issue that requires a reality check? We’ve already mentioned it – personalities.


There are a lot of people in a business transaction. There is a seller, a buyer, a couple of business brokers, business transaction attorneys, CPAs, landlords and property managers – and each one of these people will be seeing the transaction unfold from their own unique point of view. You need to be realistic because there are going to be times during the negotiation that one or more of these personalities are going to clash. For the most part, differing opinions can be sorted out, but only if all sides stay in the negotiation. Going into your business transaction with the understanding that problems will absolutely be a part of the game will help you see the end goal instead of focusing on temporary personality clashes.


Keep your expectations in the realm of reality and you will have a much better chance of reaching a closing table.


Are you thinking about selling your business and are curious about what businesses like yours have actually sold for? Would you like more information on the process to buy a business? Please feel free to leave any questions or comments here and we would be happy to help.




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