Buying A Florida Business? Why Hurricanes Shouldn’t Freak You Out


If you’ve considered moving to Florida and buying a business, then the news cycle this hurricane season might have you considering somewhere more inland. And north. And away from the ocean.


Don’t let it.


Natural disasters happen everywhere – the up side to a hurricane (as opposed to a tornado or raging forest fire) is you get lots of time to prepare. Boarding up windows, sand bagging doors, moving expensive electronics and important papers out of harms way works to lessen the blow by these large, but infrequent, storms.


Let’s talk about that frequency for a minute. It might seem like hurricanes are a part of everyday Florida life, but the big and bad ones really don’t happen that often. Southwest Florida, where Irma caused havoc, hadn’t seen the impacts of a big storm since 2004 (Charley) – that’s 13 years without a major issue.


For a business, preparation is the key to success in a storm. Although some business owners will have a hard road ahead because of the damage they sustained, most businesses who planned ahead were able to open relatively quickly. Generators and full spare gas cans meant that some businesses were able to open their doors before the power came back on. New construction codes that were put in place in the last few decades as well as hurricane windows have also dramatically decreased the amount of damage a storm can do.


The point here is you shouldn’t let one gnarly hurricane season dissuade you from the chance to be a part of the booming Florida small business economy. In fact, if you’re considering a business in the construction, fencing, tree service or roofing industries – then our occasional bashing by a big storm means more job security for you.


Have you considered buying a business in Florida but are concerned about how hurricanes can affect your business? Please feel free to leave any questions or comments here and we would be happy to help.





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