Buying A Business? The 1st Step


Buying a businessFiguring out what you want is the first step.


A dream about owning a bar on the beach might not be realistic if you’re looking to have your evenings free to spend with your kids.


What do you want your life to look like? What kind of hours do you want to work? What’s going to get you out of bed every morning? These are the kinds of questions you should be asking.


A lot about the buying process is deciding what your goals are and then finding businesses that fit those goals. If you don’t know what your goals are, have a talk with an experienced and qualified business broker about what you want out of business ownership.


Some people take the jump into entrepreneurship because they want to be their own boss, have control over their own schedule and work for themselves. While these are some of the benefits of owning your own business, they aren’t really well-defined goals. More well-defined goals might be I want to spend evenings with my family, I don’t want to have a job that requires a lot of manual labor and I want to stay within a defined budget in terms of purchase price.


You might be surprised that the industry and business has you had initially wanted won’t fit with your goals at all, and another business you would never have considered would better fit the life that you’re looking to have.


It’s important to remember that when you buy a business you are essentially buying yourself a job – so just like with a job search you need to have well-defined characteristics that you’re looking for. For instance, when you look for a job you look for jobs you would be qualified for, hours that would fit with the schedule you’d like to have and a location near where you live. You also might consider the amount of money you need to make to maintain your lifestyle. The same goes for buying a business. These are the type of well-defined goals you should come up with.


Another consideration? Your family. Whether you want it to be or not, having a business is a family affair. Owning your own business means the buck stops with you, so sometimes that can mean sacrificing time with your family to keep the business running – or maybe even having to bring your family members in as employees in a pinch. It’s important when you start the business buying process that everyone in your family is on the same page and are also on board with potential sacrifices because you don’t want to have issues down the line. An important note here – if you are expecting your children to work in and eventually take over the business, you need to make sure that they are ready, willing and able to go down this new career path with you.


If you are ready to start your business search, sit down with your family, come up with a set of goals and realistic expectations for life as a small business owner. Then talk to a business broker about these goals and they can help steer you towards a business that will fit (and make you and your family happy). 


Have you always wanted to own your own business but haven’t yet come up with a list of goals for business ownership? Would you like to know what types of businesses would fit with the life you’d like to have? Please ask us! Leave any questions or comments here and we would be happy to help.




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