Buying A Business In 2020? What The Q2 BizBuySell Report Says For You

BizBuySell’s Second Quarter Insight Report shows what a roller coaster of a year 2020 has been. There was a promising start, then March hit and the business-for-sale marketplace sort of ground to a halt. None of this is news to prospective business buyers, as many who were already looking or were engaged in negotiations when the bottom dropped out saw lending dry up and deals fall apart.


Guess what? There’s finally some good news.


The Q2 Report shows that the small business market is picking back up again.



Here’s what you need to know:


The market is slowly returning to normal, with 71% of the owners surveyed saying they are back to work and open after the initial shut downs.


Many buyers are currently seeking pandemic-proof businesses – so much so that these businesses are booming. What do we mean by pandemic-proof? All across the country consumers are adjusting to a new normal where take-out food and delivery services are in high demand, where school happens at home and the majority of shopping is done from a couch – and the businesses that have adapted their model to continue producing throughout the pandemic are now at the top of buyer’s lists. The new Insight Report shows some 60% of prospective buyers are currently looking for a pandemic-proof business. What does this means for you as a buyer? If this is the direction you want to go, you’ll need to act fast when these “essential” businesses hit the market.


Another section of business buyers are searching for businesses in trouble, some 28%, hoping that with a rock-bottom price and some patience they can turn the ship around. If you are a buyer looking for one of these low price deals, be careful. You shouldn’t buy a depressed or closed business just because the price is good. You should have a clear plan in mind to get the business back on it’s feet again and have metrics in place as part of your business plan that give you a definitive point to pull the plug and move on.


In the industries that were hit hardest by the shut downs, another opportunity for buyers revolves around the sudden glut of built-out commercial spaces that are suddenly available. With many businesses deciding to keep their doors closed despite the reopening of local economies – many down on their luck business owners are selling in order to get any return on their now permanently closed business venture. Some 58% of current business owners who are doing well are actively looking for other businesses to buy in order to expand into those now vacant (and sometimes coveted) locations.


The point here is although the market is nowhere near where it was at the very beginning of 2020, it is showing some signs of life again. A careful, creative and motivated buyer can make the best of the current market and find themselves a booming pandemic-proof business or one at a low, low price. Talk to your business broker about which choice would be best for your situation.


Do you have questions about what the Insight Report says about the current state of the business-for-sale marketplace? Would you like to know what opportunities are available in your area? Please fell free to leave any questions or comments. We would be happy to help.




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