Michael Monnot

Business Broker

Michael has been directly or indirectly involved in all aspects of the buying, selling, financing and/or brokering of hundreds of businesses. Michael has experience as a small business owner and entrepreneur, having owned several businesses. His business ownership experience includes commercial finance, real estate investment, financial services and marketing. As a former owner/operator he knows the tremendous potential, as well as challenging demands, any current or future business owner must face. Operations, marketing, financing and strategic planning are a few of the areas where Michael has extensive knowledge and practical experience. These insights coupled with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration allow Michael to be a valuable asset in helping any business owner, investor, or entrepreneur achieve their goals.

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Gene Gallo

Business Broker

Gene Gallo has been successful business executive and entrepreneur. His experience runs from customer service to retail, from marine to land based businesses.

Gene started his career in the computer science field and automating many parts of a business.

During the corporate years he started as developer and worked his way up to executive positions within a Fortune 50 company.

After 25 years in the corporate environment Gene chose to leave the corporate world and move to Florida and run his own business.

Gene successfully ran and grew his business over a 9 year timeframe which he later sold.

Genes corporate background in building relationships and experience as an operator of a small business allows him to speak and interact with his clients on their level.  His practical approach to business is a welcome aspect to a challenging environment.  This experience coupled with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Aeronautical Engineering help Gene to be a valuable asset in helping any business owner, investor, or entrepreneur achieve their goals.

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James Smith

Business Broker

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Lara Wileman

Business Broker

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